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Because the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses could be affected, so we invite you to consume and consider your local services.
As an organization, we believe that we can support the Latino economy by helping our community.


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As a local organization of Latino individuals and business owners we believe that preserving, sharing and educating the community about Latino culture will offer tremendous benefits for everyone. Our group emerged from a Latinos Kelowna Facebook group with over 1,200 members.  

How to support
your local businesses in Kelowna

Letter of thanks for OLA and all the community from the Byland Family for supporting Latino workers who contracted COVID-19 in West Kelowna.

Wednesdays will be a Takeout day in Canada

The pandemic have forced the restaurants close the doors until further notice, maintaining only the home delivery service or the option of takeout.
Due to the measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus and seek social welfare, many restaurants could be affected with considerable economic losses, so the decision has been made to incorporate a new initiative that invites you to order takeout food, taking into consideration your favorite restaurant on Wednesdays.

This day is called "Canada Takeout Day".

We present you a list of local Latino restaurants serving takeout to support them.

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is a non-profit organization that aims to generate knowledge, propose initiatives develop practices and support processes to contribute to the integration and sharing of Latino culture with the general public.

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