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Saul Gomez Beltran is a Kelowna based entrepreneur who owns and operates Artemex – Mexican Handcrafts and also founder of the ‘Okanagan Latin Association’ in Kelowna.

Saul Gomez Beltran owns and operates Artemex – Mexican Handcrafts. He is responsible for both retail and online sales as well as inventory sourcing. He has a diverse educational and employment background and extensive volunteer experience. Saul was born and raised in Mazatlan, Mexico and spent 7 years working in the hospitality industry before arriving to Canada in 2007. In 2013 he proudly went on to become a Canadian citizen. He is a certified Event Manager completing his diploma at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.


Saul worked in the Foundation Drilling and Construction industry in Alberta for 5 years selling machinery, tooling and expendables. During this time his entrepreneurial mindset and spirit drastically grew and he eventually realized a change of careers was needed. The birth of his daughter solidified this even more and Saul, his wife and their baby girl spent a season in Mexico decompressing and planning for a new future. Being immersed in Mexican society once again Saul fell further in love with the colors of his culture and it became evident that a business opportunity based around these beautiful handcrafts was possible. Fast forward to today and Artemex offers more than 500 handcrafted Mexican products available both in their storefront and online.


Saul is passionate about building a strong support network both as an individual and a professional. Not long after settling in the Okanagan he got involved with the local Latino community. By attending various events and taking advantage of business networking opportunities Saul quickly saw a need for a more structured organization to help local Latinos connect with each other and create a positive awareness of the Latino culture for the general public. This vision combined with his social inclination and natural ability to bring people together helped him become one of the founders of the Okanagan Latino Business Networking Association.


In his spare time Saul loves to practice sports, you will find him on the soccer pitch, baseball diamond, running lakeside or exploring the beautiful Okanagan bike trails. He enjoys spending time in the mountains with his family camping in the summer and relaxing at cozy cabins in the winter. Saul is big into cuisine and wine and loves to experiment and challenge himself with new flavors in the kitchen while enjoying a glass of Tempranillo.


is a non-profit organization that aims to generate knowledge, propose initiatives develop practices and support processes to contribute to the integration and sharing of Latino culture with the general public.


Phone: 778 392 5429

Registered number: S0070898

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