erika ochoa


Mexico City

Erika Ochoa is currently a volunteer in OLA, She studied Marketing in Mexico City and actually is in charge of the Digital Marketing area.

Erika Ochoa is responsible of Digital Marketing in OLA Okanagan Latin Association, She is a volunteer who was born in Mexico City, She is in charge of create new ways of publicize the company, She has knowledge about of leadership strategies, brandtracking, and web page development.


Erika was born in Atizapan de Zaragoza, Estado de México, She worked as an e-commerce trainee at Petco México, as well as at CFE in the area of ​​Strategic Marketing.

She studied Marketing in Mexico City too.

In his spare time Erika loves to dance Salsa Cubana, and She enjoys working out, She think the body is the center of everything and if you are fine inside, you will be fine outside, so She likes eat healthy, enjoy the life, share time with her family and her friends and with all the people. She loves movies and go to the cinema every time She can.