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5 great books to read in Quarantine

OLA (Okanagan Latin Association) a non-profit organization from Kelowna, suggests some of the best Latin books to read if you're in quarantine.

We know a lot of people may not be working now or may be working at home and we understand is a difficult time for everybody, so it is important for us give you some good readings to entertain you.

Reading could be a good idea to pass your time and develops the mind. The mind is a muscle and it needs to exercise. Also is a vital skill which allows develop the imagination, creativity, and a good self image.

We hope you enjoy with these books and they can help you feel better.

Veronica decide morir

Veronika is a young woman and a big dreamer. She has everything other people want to be happy. She is pretty, she has a good job and a lot of suitors. Her life has passed routinely with not much joy or sadness, so she has decided to die. This book is about discovering one’s sense of life, enjoying the little moments and finding a deeper meaning in life. Is it too late to change your mind?

Postcolonial love poem

A postcolonial love poem is a book about love and desire. It describes the longing of a Latin indigenous body. What is the meaning of wanting when much of history has been dedicated to the destruction of love?

Little eyes

Prepare yourself to experience a new adventure in each destination. Samanta Schweblin will take you on a journey and reveal beautiful souls that are connected to each other. Her novel demonstrates the union that exists between worlds, stories of unexpected love and experiences of terror and darkness.


Afterlife is a fiction story where an immigrant woman from the Dominican Republic finds an undocumented and pregnant teenager from Mexico hiding in her garage. It is a story of self-discovery and love for others.

A orillas del rio piedra me senté y lloré

She is a woman who ended up forgetting her dreams and limiting herself. He is a dreamy, honest man and a lover of life. Prepare yourself to fall in love with this romantic story of two lovers who meet after many years. It is a fascinating and tender novel by Paulo Coelho.

Everything is gonna be just fine. Soon We will all say OLA up close.

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