• Erika Ochoa

An Evening of Pride and Motivation

Our February Latino Entrepreneurial Networking meeting was another productive and motivational evening. We had a slightly more intimate group this time but it was no less impactful. It was wonderful to again have a diverse representation present, we welcomed attendees from Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada and Peru! Our host Cesar and Soul de Cuba Café provided the perfect setting for the meeting and on behalf of OLA and all the attendees we want to sincerely thank them for generously doing so. We were also incredibly fortunate to be provided a delicious and beautiful appetizer table courtesy of Anita. Everything was made from scratch by her skilled hands and the flavor each dish had was out of this world! Gracias Annita Vipond!

The group was privileged to hear another Story of An Entrepreneur presented by Humberto Morales. Now having resided in Kelowna for 20 years he was able to offer a seasoned perspective on a variety of aspects of life and business. He shared his story both on a personal and professional level. Humberto described some of the struggles he encountered when first coming to Canada and while starting his own business. He also shared how he overcame them and how he ultimately found his business niche. With excellent story telling skills, a warm sense of humor and charisma his speech was undoubtedly enjoyed by all and certainly will remain in our thoughts moving forward. It was an honor to have you participate Humberto.

Once again we opened the floor to the group and provided anyone who was willing to step into the spotlight the opportunity to share a little bit about their story and business. The courage and enthusiasm that was brought forward was a honor to witness and it created a genuine connection amongst all who were present. It is an amazing thing to hear someone else’s story and even though it may be quite different from yours you can connect on a deeper level. Everyone has obstacles, struggles, questions and successes, nobody is immune to those things, nobody is perfect. It is how we handle what comes our way that shapes us as individuals, professionals and community members. This is how we learn the toughest and most valuable life lessons and this is ultimately what provides the direction and motivation required to come out on top in the end. We all have goals and dreams and we are all at a different stage in our life. All that matters is that we commit to working harder, bettering ourselves and maintaining the courage necessary to step out of our comfort zones. That is where we need to be living our lives, that is where the real opportunities for happiness exist.

The main purpose behind our Latino Entrepreneurial Networking is to offer an inclusive space where people can connect with each other and help one another along their own individual journeys. We are so proud of our first two events and enthusiastically look forward to the next one. It will be held on Thursday, March 26th at Okanagan coLab from 6-8pm. Their facility offers a ‘coworking space dedicated to independent professionals and startup founders who crave social contact.’ We very much look forward to hosting our event in a different environment such as this, we are sure that it will bring a whole new aspect to the evening.

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