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At the first Latino Entrepreneurial Networking

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Our first Latino Entrepreneurial Networking meeting was an overwhelming success! We had 37 attendees who came out with a great spirit and motivation to meet new people, exchange business cards and learn about other Latino businesses and services in the community. It was an evening full of smiles, happiness and pride. It was an honor to meet newcomers with such amazing ideas and intentions to start a business here in Kelowna. Fear and embarrassment were set aside as many people stepped up to express who they were and what they have to offer. It was especially impactful to hear accents from El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada all united under one roof speaking the same language and sharing experiences.

The evening’s host Sandra Ortega created a warm and inviting atmosphere that felt like home, attendees could enjoy a glass of wine or delicious cup of coffee while chatting with others. The event had a very natural flow and everyone cooperated and participated in a positive manner. The ‘Story of an Entrepreneur’ was a very motivational presentation by Samuel Galvez. There was a strong message left with everyone to keep working hard to get what we want even when things are not easy.

We had a wide range of people attend the event with some having lived in the Okanagan for 32 years and others only arriving three week ago. One thing that everyone had in common was a passionate desire to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Everyone had the pleasure to formally meet the owner of Ki’bok, Sandra Ortega and hear her story. She spoke about how she prepares the food in her restaurant, the story of the coffee and the meaning of her logo and name. “In the house I grew up in, my parents never opened a can or bottle of food, everything was made from scratch”. Sandra maintains this same belief and practice in her business, all dishes are prepared daily with fresh ingredients. It was a moving speech brimming with pride and emotion.

The conversations, presentations and stories heard during the event helped to encourage us all to be brave and continue to work hard as business owners and individuals. Just like Sandra’s food, the best things in life are created by ourselves from the bottom up.

These Latino Entrepreneurial Networking meetings are going to be held monthly. If you missed this one make sure you mark our next event in your calendar. It will be held on Thursday, February 27 at Soul de Cuba Cafe. We are looking to maintain the same positive environment filled with inspirational people. Please check the link below for RSVP the next meeting. Keep an eye on our social media for announcements and updates too.

We hope you enjoy these memorable photos of the first Latino Entrepreneurial Network of 2020!

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